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Founded by Yannick Coquard, a National Pro Motocross racer who rode pit bikes to cross train in the winter; and Dimitri Bera, a high level French technician who now lives in China overseeing all development. They joined forces in 2004. The YCF story started when Yannick decided to improve the quality and reliability of the pit bike he owned before starting YCF. Step by step he modified this bike and finally decided he would build his own bike. Taking advantage of his pit bike experience, he knew what it would take to create a bike that customers would expect when they buy a high quality machine.

Since the first range of mini bikes created in 2005, the YCF brand has evolved enormously and developed its products to reach its current level.

YCF is a real motorcycle manufacturer, with its own research and development department and its own factory in China which was created in 2009. This has been our key to success. YCF as a manufacturer is able to control from A-Z. The industrial process has never stopped during the last ten years in order to improve the quality, reliability and performance of the products.

-What are the YCF bestsellers?

The creation in 2012 of the YCF 50 was a big success. This mini bike is dedicated to children from 3-7 years old with the option of a stabilization kit. It´s specially designed for speed and safety evolution.

Fortified by this success and for ecologic reasons, YCF decided to launch its own electric mini bike creating the first electric mini bike for children in 2016. YCF offer also an 88 electric bike. 

In 2017 YCF created a higher model, between a pit bike and full sized bike. With 14´and 17´wheels which create more stability for the rider. The “Bigy” It’s the perfect bike for adults or for kids that are getting closer to riding a big bike.

In 2019, YCF offers a total of 19 different models for casual riding and racing, from the 50cc to the 190cc, all ages have a bike that fits them whether it be engine or electric.

YCF 50E and START W88E: Electric bikes with lithium battery, having the option of riding in your backyard or at the track.

50A is dedicated to kids from 3 to 7 years old.

LITE / START 88cc : For kids, 7 to 10 years. 

LITE / START 125cc: For kids 10 and up as well as beginners that want to start riding.

PILOT 125 / 150: For someone who’s looking for more of a performance based minibike.

SP2 / SP3: Perfect for racing or having fun on a full sized mx track. 

BIGY: Made with the idea of Parents being able to have fun with their kids on a mini bike track.

SUPER MOTARD 125S / 150 are made to use on a go-kart track.

YCF also offers limited edition models, 100% customized.

-What is the international position of YCF world wide?

Ycf is a well-known company growing every year, with last year over 8000 bikes in 18 different countries.



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